Submissions FAQ

What type of submissions are you looking for?

We accept submissions of any genre of mainstream fiction and non-fiction, but we especially seek women’s novels, historical novels, supernatural and paranormal fiction, fantasy novels, political and science thrillers, science fiction and speculative fiction. In non-fiction we’ll look at any genre with commercial potential.  What we consider most important, and certainly more important than genre, is that the writing be strong and fresh.

What is the format for submissions?

Please follow standard format for manuscripts: they should be in near-final form, double spaced, with standard margins and free of misspellings and other errors. Be sure to submit at least three chapters or  fifty or so pages of the manuscript.
In a covering letter please tell us about yourself including: if you’ve been published before, if you’ve won any writing awards, if you have any special expertise in the topic you’re writing about, if your job includes writing and any marketing contacts you might have. Also please write 3 to 5 paragraphs (at least) of “cover copy” that tells us a bit about the book.

Where should I submit?

Please email manuscripts as an attachment or copied into the body of a message to our email submissions address only: You will receive an automated reply saying that we have received the manuscript.

How long before I hear a response?

We regret that we cannot reply to each submission that we receive; there are simply too many. If we are interested in your work we will contact you as soon as we can; we understand that you will likely be submitting to more than one agency. If you have not heard from us after six weeks or so please assume that we are going to pass on your manuscript.