Nancee Cain

During the day, Nancee Cain works as a nurse in the field of addiction to support her coffee and reading habit. Nights are spent writing paranormal and contemporary romances with a serrated edge.

Authors are her rock stars, and she’s been known to stalk a few for an autograph, but not in a scary, Stephen King way. Her husband swears her To-Be-Read list on her e-reader qualifies her as a certifiable book hoarder.

Always looking to try something new, she dreams of being an extra in a Bollywood film, or a tattoo artist. (Her lack of rhythm and artistic ability may put a damper on both of these dreams.)

Her debut novel, Saving Evangeline, the 2014 winner of the Write Magic category of Southern Magic Romance Writers of America, Linda Howard Award of excellence, will be published May 26, 2015 through Omnific Publishing.
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