D.T. Krippene

D.T. Krippene

A native of Wisconsin and Connecticut, DT deserted aspirations of being a biologist to live the corporate dream and raise a family.  After six homes, a ten-year stint in Singapore and Taiwan, and an imagination that never slept, his muse refused to be hobbled as a mere dream. Now a full time writer, DT writes science fiction and alternate-world fantasy.

Dan’s latest project is about future earth, brought back from the edge of extinction with assistance from otherworldly beings called the Patrons. A young woman bristles in a new age, utopian society where woman are revered and respected as humanities lifebringers. Juliana Hempstead wants to be a member of the all powerful ambassador guild to the alien benefactors, but it’s an exclusive male club, like all employment guilds.  When the guild discovers she bears the genetic factors to telepathically communicate with the Patrons, Jules enters an orbiting domain catering to an advanced race no one has ever seen, and learns the true reason why the Patrons took an interest in saving earth. Extinction may have been a kinder end for mankind.

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