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Barry set his collected instruments down on the table. What was he going to do about this Stevenson woman? He had to try to set aside his irritation about how close she’d come to wrecking almost a full year’s work. He glanced at her again. This constant need for sleep, her progressively more flirtatious ways? He’d little doubt about what she had been hinting at before he went out. Barry shook his head. Maybe he should talk to Fingal about letting her go before her three-month trial period was over? But taking a nap was hardly a firing matter. And nothing untoward had actually happened. He knew Fingal trusted him completely, but the man still might be surprised by Barry accusing Nonie of being flirtatious. He tried to remember exactly what she’d said. There was nothing overt that he could remember. And being sacked by such a well-respected physician as Fingal O’Reilly would be a very large blot on her professional copybook. He shook his head and sighed. Twenty-two more days and he’d be in France with Sue.
Och blether. She was a good doctor and seemed to enjoy working here. She had extra training in women’s health. Maybe, just maybe, he should let the hare sit—and make sure he didn’t let himself get into any compromising situations with Nonie Stevenson in the future.

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